Here are some useful rules to identify and understand the different facets of an olive oil:

1. Put the oil into a small glass, about a tablespoon. Needless to an excessive amount that instead of improving the taste it gets worse;
2. Look carefully the oil against light , shaking it in the glass to evaluating the fluidity;
3. Smelling the sample trying to capture all the pleasant or unpleasant sensations;
4. Heat it up with the palm of the hand to release and enhance the aromatic volatile components, take the oil sucking with a slow and gentle suction first, then more vigorously, in order to vaporize it in the mouth, bringing it into direct contact with the taste buds;
5. Take rest a little mouth, slowly moving his tongue against the palate;
6. Suck up again with the tongue against the palate and lips parted;
7. Repeat steps 4 more times, keep the oil in the mouth at least 20 seconds
8. Eject the oil;
9. Continuing to move his tongue against the palate, carefully consider the olfactory sensations back













Libro degli ospiti al Frantoio Sorrento


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